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Healing Tantra - Tantric Massage Basel - sensual, erotic, energetic

Hello, I, Vanessa do sensual and erotic tantric bodywork, energy-healing, life-coaching and have been working as such for many years in my practice. Classical and tantric massages fascinated me too and I took many courses to be qualified. I enjoy offering my bodywork in my own intuitive, holistic way combining sensuality, energywork and sensual-erotic massages. (not to be confounded with the  short «fiddleling» in the redlight districts...). A proper tantric massage incl. talk from a trained masseuse takes time – treat yourself to it because it is wellness for body and soul. My private massage studio is in a nice and cultivated part of town. No big studio with many « employees » and clients buzzing around indiscretely. I work alone or on demand with a tantric masseur for couples who also gives erotic massages to women and men. You will never bump into somebody you might know because I only accept 2 or 3 clients maximum a day with pauses inbetween the sessions so I always have a lot of time for each guest and I am always fit and relaxed. Come to me and you will see what the big difference is!

The massage ritual lasts always at least 1,5 hours. It starts (still dressed) by a preliminary talk on comfortable armchairs and a drink to ask you how you are and feeling on the day. Then once changed and wraped in a nice silk towl called « Lunghi » we move on to the futon . On that mat I sit behind you so you can lean with your bare back on to my naked body and feel this warm closeness. Then you will be caressed gently with fur, feathers, fingers, hands ecc. I am also naked while giving the massage and it is done with elements of the hawaiian massage with long gliding strokes along the whole body with warm, odorless almond oil.

Tantramassages are a holistic way of bodywork where sexuality is accepted as natural part of us. Sexuality belongs to our life and you may be aroused during the whole tantric massage and have a "Happy ending" with Orgasm if you wish. I will lift you up to heaven! The whole body including the intimate parts are sensually touched right from the beginning and if you wish you may have a « happy ending » with orgasm which I provide with my hands. A tantric ritual is a bliss for women and men. Possible from the age of 16 years. My eldest client is 92 years old… :-)

If wished also energy treatment and counselling for private or work problems.

What can a tantric massage ritual bring you?

-          receiving a sensual, intuitive, tender erotic massage and caresses (women and men).

-          Being pampered by a slim masseuse (swiss-british nationality) with a special massage formation

-          Talking openly to a trustful person also about embarrassing issues. I am discrete and you will feel secure

-          Stress relaxation

-          Being accepted the way one is (no matter what size of body)

-          Body-to-Body Massage, closeness

-          A sensitive and highly erotic Lingam (Penis) or Yoni (Vagina) massage

-          Being allowed to have a orgasm but not having to

-          I coddle you, you enjoy passively. For once you don’t have to do anything, just feel the pleasure of being cared after

-          Tender feelings you might miss in your married life (many of the men coming to my tantric massage are in a partnership… )

-          Now it is YOUR time to get pampered and to savour whithout any thoughts or bad conscience of having to give anything back. Your wonderful tantric and erotic experience is only a phone call away. I have a swiss-british nationality and can give people advice in german, english and french.

INFO : No oral or sex. intercause, but sometimes just as "hot" as S..! No intimate reciprocal massage, so I am not distracted and can give you a good massage. You may lay a hand in a calm holding position on my leg or bottom, but no disrespectful grabbing everywhere. For any other touches (Brests), you have to ask me first and I decide spontaniously what feels Ok for me. You may not touch my yoni (Vag...)! Therefore you are not cheating on your wife/partner and can relax entirely.

Looking for a job as a tantric masseuse? Read button "Jobs".

Opening hours  
Monday – Friday 11.30 - 22 h 
 sometimes on demand.

If you have a meeting or dinner in the evening and can only come late at 21 h or 22 h, that is fine, too, but reserve early enough.

90 min.   cost  Fr. 300.-  /  Euro 245.-
105 min.  cost  Fr. 350.-  /  Euro 285.-
120 min.  cost  Fr. 400.-  /  Euro 320.-
150 min.  cost  Fr. 450.-  /  Euro 365.-
Only cash payment possible! (no credit cards).

For euros count the daily rates. Take engough money with you for any case, because some stay 30-60 min. longer than they had thought before hand. Time flies when you enjoy...  Tell me your limit of time and costs as soon as you enter my practice. If I know before we start with the massage, I can plan the session better.

If you by chance stay longer than the foreseen session time you booked, which is always at least 1,5 h, then you pay the effective time you stayed according the price list.

I have Skype where you can reach me sometimes in the evening for a chat and more information under the same name: Healing-Tantra. But for concrete appointments you have to phone me for the address.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,

Vanessa, Tel. 077 426 17 82

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